May 3rd

Apostle's prayer - Ephesians 3v14-18

This week we are thinking about prayer and being grounded and rooted in love. Make sure you download all the printable items before you begin - you don't have to print them but at least have them saved to your desktop.

Download first!

Start with Sunday's service.

If you haven't yet watch this Sunday's service.


Using the question sheet have a think about the talk from the service and how it applies to your life.


Have a go at the challenge, how did you volunteers do? 

What is prayer?

Summary and time to think

Lucy helps us to think about what prayer is like when its based on relationship.

Final Reflection

Using the reflection titles listen to this song and spend time just being with God.


Spend some time decorating the rooted colouring sheet, reflect on things that you have got yourself rooted to that are not beneficial or helping you grow in your relationship with God. As you colour and decorate ask God to help you to root your life in His love.

That's not all! You can join in our conversation and discussion on one of our zoom group chats. Click here to find out more. And if you have any questions about this weeks session just drop me an email. 

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