We know that growing in faith sometimes feels difficult. It's hard to know what to study, what to do and where to start. Our discipleship track helps you to deepen and strengthen how you connect with God, change in response to God and become an agent of transformation empowered by God. 


Connecting 1


Want to find out about faith? Who was Jesus? Why and how does God guide us? 

Running October 2020


Connecting 2


Who are we? What makes St James' Church unique? What are our values? If you're new to St James, this is a brilliant place to start.

Running October 2020

Freedom in Christ 3.png
Changing 1

Freedom in Christ

An extraordinary 10 week journey to discover who you are in Christ and to take hold of the freedom he has won for you.

Running January 2021

Registration not yet open
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Transforming 1

Cross Cultural Mission

What is mission?

What is culture?

What is cross-cultural mission?

What are the next steps?


Envision uses video, discussion and optional activities for personal reflection and will be facilitated by Mel Welch and Mandy Hunter who have been involved in cross-cultural mission for over 20 years. 

Running October 2020

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.jpg
Changing 2

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

How can we know ourselves in order that we may know God? How do we cope with grief and loss? How do we become emotionally healthy?

Running October 2020

Equipped, gifted,released.jpg
Transforming 2

Equipped, Gifted and Released

Learn to use your spiritual gifts to serve others, bringing transformation through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Running Autumn 2021

Registration not yet open