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Sozo ministry is a unique ministry aimed to get to the root of things hindering your personal connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. With a healed connection, you can walk in the destiny to which you have been called.


A Sozo session is a time for the Sozo team to sit down with you and with the help of the Holy Spirit walk you through the process of freedom and wholeness. Sozo is not a counseling session but a time of interacting with Father, Son and Holy Spirit for wholeness and pursuing of your destiny.

At St James, we have a trained Sozo team. Each session takes place within the church building, and there will always be a leader and a second as part of the ministry. 

If you would like to know more, including booking a Sozo, please get in touch with Mark Pickett.


Stuart's experience of Sozo​

Stuart knew God could help overcome issues from his past.

Hearing more from God 

One person was curious to hear God speak to them

After a series of sermons on listening to God and being uplifted by a couple of messages I received, I got a desire to engage even further with God.


I'd heard the Sozo mentioned a few times and was intrigued by it so found out a little more information.  The process would help me listen to what God wanted to say to me with the assistance of two trained Sozo volunteers and perhaps discover if there was anything that was restricting a deeper relationship with him. This sounded perfect.... so I was up for the challenge!


I didn't turn up with a 'problem' to solve just curious excitement to hear God. During the process I discovered some root causes to feelings of unworthiness and insecurity (that mainly affect me in work situations) that I thought were just part of who I was. So I just dealt with these feelings the best I could. What I didn't realise is that I also portrayed these feelings on to my relationship with God. Through Sozo I was given a chance to trade these lies in with God and receive his truth and his gifts of freedom and confidence in place of self-doubt. I was also shocked at discovering how far away I held God from me because of past beliefs and lies.


Finally, I now truly believe, because Jesus said it directly into my own ears, that He has always been there with me, always loved me, that I have always been worthy and that he wants me just as I am. That is just the most indescribable feeling!  Now when those feeling arise.... I turn my head to God and he reminds me that I am worthy and I believe him.  My aim in doing Sozo was to deepen my relationship with God; I wanted to hear from him more whether through vision or word and God did not fail me.


I encourage anyone who wants to hear more from God, whether to solve an issue or just to enjoy being in his presence to do Sozo. It was an amazing experience and one that I would not hesitate to repeat. Go for it, God is waiting with open arms!  

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