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Jesus The Sacrifice


Get thinking...

  • What is the hardest thing you have had to do?

  • Who was there to support you?

  • Draw an ‘air’ emoji to describe how you felt.

After the scene...

  • Why do you think it was important that they buried Jesus in a tomb?

  • What is a sacrifice?

  • What is meant by saying Jesus was a sacrifice?

Going deeper...

  • Many other things happened at the moment Jesus died: there was an earthquake, the sun went dark, the curtain in the temple separating the people from the Holy Place was torn in two, and there are even reports that dead people rose from their graves. What do you think is the significance of these events?

  • Before Jesus' death, people had to sacrifice animals in order to receive forgiveness for their sins. Jesus' sacrifice means that once and for all, our sins are forgiven if we accept Jesus as our saviour. Consider why his death was enough to cover all the sins of the world. 

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