Fearless is our Women's Conference. We have one every six months, and it is an amazing time to connect with God and with each other. 


Fearless Mission is our 4th Women's Conference. This time, we have Nicola Neal from Every Life as our guest speaker. 

In 2009 Simon and Nicola Neal followed God’s call to Uganda. They packed up their home and their family and simply went to serve the poor. Shocked by the pain and suffering that they witnessed in the slums, they longed to see these communities discover God’s love and potential for their lives. They got to know some of the families, started to pray with them and help in simple practical ways. That was the start of Every Life. Since then, the NGO has grown. The team has increased and new bases have opened worldwide.

Nicola's vision, through Every Life, is to empower communities to discover their potential in Jesus and to see people released in their gifts and callings, enabling them to become their own makers of change. 

Our Fearless Conferences are always an amazing time to connect with God, to spend time in community and to find space to reflect and grow.


The worship and teaching were great, and there was just a wonderful atmosphere of love amongst everyone.

There was an amazing sense of God's presence, people's expectancy, the way God touched people's lives. Everyone I have spoken to was spoke to powerfully by God. Amazing!

It was a day of opportunities... opportunities to soak in God’s presence Opportunities to be part of wonderful worship Opportunities to hear from God Opportunities to be with friends and to make new friends Opportunities to get to know others better Opportunities to relax and be blessed.