There are many small groups in the life of St James' Church. We have groups for older people, 18-30s, children and others. Here though is a list of the homegroups which meet regualrly together to learn, pray and explore practical discipleship. 

Ali Groves coordinates our homegroups. 

Duncan Tyson's group


Meets fortnightly on Thursday at 19:45 at 11 Copperfield Close, Clitheroe, BB7 1ER.


Their meetings aim to deepen relationships with God and each other using a combination of Bible reading, prayer, discussion/study, worship, ministry, a brew and cake! 

Graham Derbyshire's groups

Meets fortnightly.


On Wednesdays a group meets at 19:30. There are about nine people in the group at present, and the group either follows a contemporary DVD series or does a bible study, often linked to the previous Sunday' s sermon.


On Thursday a group for men only meets at 10:00. It is a place for men to ask questions and honestly search for their own personal beliefs. It seeks to provide for men who want to study the Bible together and learn from one another's experiences.


Anna Lancaster & Becca Thornber's group

Meets on Thursdays during term time at St James’ Church from 09:30-11:00 and is for women of all ages.


A crèche is provided for babies and pre-schoolers.  They long to draw nearer to God and be equipped to live their lives reflecting him better.


Jean Evans & Betty Pollard's group

Meets every Wednesday at 19:30.


This is a ladies’ group whose focus is spiritual growth with God and each other, motivating service to church and the community.

Jill Ivison's group

Meets every Thursday at 20:00. 


The group alternate studies with informal socials. They follow the sermon series, using the recording of the sermon from the website.

The group seeks to have a focus on social action in its mind-set and life choices. 

Jilly MacDonald's group

Meets every Monday at 16:00 at Bulcocks House, Pendleton and is for women only. 


They often discuss the sermon, but it's very informal, people can ask questions, and contribute their ideas. some have been Christians many years, some just a few. They also regularly pray for each other. 


Jonathan & Diana and Chris & Linda's group

This group meet on  Wednesdays at 7:30pm (mostly over near Tosside).

They meet to go deeper in faith and to enjoy food and friendship together.



Nigel Rix's group

Meets fortnightly on Tuesday evenings at 17, Newlands Ave, Clitheroe  or 11 Pinder Close, Waddington at 19:30.


It is a welcoming, safe and caring place. Their focus is on understanding what the Bible is saying to us today and supporting one another in their walk with Jesus.



Sam and Sarah Peters' group

Meets every Thursday at 19:30. 


They are seeking to develop their group in a way that will bring them closer to God and each other through study, prayer and relationships. 

Nick Shelley's group

meets every week on a Tuesday evening at 8pm in Billington. 

They value the support and encouragement from meeting, studying the Bible and praying together.

If you would like to try the Homegroup experience or just find out more please click below to email Ali.