The Church and Brexit

How is our church responding to the possibility of a no-deal Brexit? Should we be worried? And how can we learn to disagree?

In this short film, Mark shares some really important thoughts about Brexit and how Christians can respond to this. 

The Road to Eldoret: Fundraising for King's Highway

A group of intrepid walkers headed out on Sunday afternoon from St James church led off by Raymond Pickup, all buoyed up from having eaten their varied assortment of packed lunches. There was about twenty in the group and soon they settled into their stride as they made their way out of Clitheroe heading for Worston on their circular walk to Chatburn.

The group were corralled safely across the A59 and on towards the Calfs Head and then continued to the consternation of some not to refuge inside next to the log fire, but then again across the A59 onwards down the lane to Shackleton's Garden centre. Here the group stopped whilst the restaurant generously provided free hot drinks and allowed everybody to rest, socialise and generally be 'church'. During the walk Colin had rendezvoused with the group in the mini bus and when they set off again he kindly transported some back to Clitheroe. The group returned via Chatburn road and finally Raymond led them back up St James Street to the church. Everybody had a great time together and thanks to Raymond we have at the last count raised over £1000 pounds!!

Raymond Walk.jpg
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The Annual Report

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Our Annual Report really is an amazing celebration of all that happens through St James' Church. 

Have a good read of the Report, and don't forget to come to the AGM on Monday 29th April, 7.30pm with any questions.