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Heading 5

Sunday 19th April

Songs of the Week:

Activity Sheet:

Bible Challenge:


Luke 24 36-49

Act it out!

Use this script..

Family Challenge:


In the Bible passage Jesus tells the disciples to tell all nations about what he has done.

Your challenge is to do this; take Jesus to your community, whilst staying in 'lockdown'!

Prayer Challenge: Be Still

Make a 'holy den' where you can spend

time with God.

19th July

Taming the Tongue.

This week we explore a bit more of the book of James and think about 'Taming the Tongue'.

Like a tiny spark of fire our tongues can start a terrible fire or a wonderful blaze of blessing. Which one will it be?

Song of the Week:

Activity Sheets:

Your mission this week

This explains all this week's activities in more detail.


Special Agent Sermon Notes

Colouring Sheet

Bible Challenge

Have a go at Bible Journaling.

Use this download to help you.

Find a quiet place. Read the passage. Then illustrate it, decorate it and doodle the words to show what it means to you.

Family Challenge:

God has a mission for you!

Have a family bonfire. Eat smores and exchange words of blessing with each other!

(More information in the 'Your mission this week' sheet.)

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