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Once we connect to God, through worship and prayer, we find ourselves wanting to change in response to who He is. This isn't a forced change, and tends to come about naturally as you grow in faith. It usually starts with the Teaching

 in a Sunday service, but then develops.

At St James, we believe the best way to develop this is in small groups with other people, so that you can support and encourage each other through this process. Our small group system is supported by a structured Discipleship Track, helping you to develop in your Christian walk. 

We also offer additional support in the shape of mentoring and prayer ministry. These can be particularly helpful if you feel you are at a key point in your journey, perhaps starting a Leadership Role, or if you have something you can't seem to deal with or get free from. 

How do I join a Small Group?

Take a look at our Small Groups page and get in touch with our Small Groups Co-ordinator, Ruth Haldane.

What's the Discipleship Track?

Head to our Discipleship Track to find out about courses which help you to Connect to God, Change with God and Transform for God. 

Can I catch up with Sunday's teaching?

Head over to our Teaching page to listen to and watch previous Sunday services.

Can I get a Mentor?

Visit our Mentoring page to find out about mentoring and request a mentor.

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