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Back in 2021, St James Yard, then known as Seedle's Yard, came up for purchase. This is a plot of land adjacent to the churchyard. Thanks to some incredible acts of generosity, we were able to purchase the site,in June 2022. 

Since then, church members have continued to give their time and expertise, and we are particularly grateful to Theo Viljoen and his team of builders who have cleared huge amounts of rubble, building materials and general detritus to reveal the concrete base.

In April 2023, we held a gift day to raise funds for demolishing the building, which contains a lot of asbestos. We're really pleased to share that our Gift Day raised £17,000 and the building has been demolished and the site cleared. 

We purchased the plot of land without any particular plan of what to put on the site. We're sure that God will reveal in good time what He wants us to do with the land, and in the meantime, we've made it safe and presentable. 

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