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Without Borders

We gather to worship confidently, wholeheartedly and authentically.
7:30pm last Monday of each month
@ St James

"Without Borders" is a worship and prayer night inviting you to step into a communal celebration of worship that looks different to our regular Sunday morning pattern.  We hope it offers new ways to draw closer to God and to nurture a confident, authentic, wholehearted practice of worship across our congregation.


It is be a space where fellowship and congregational worship blend with quiet prayer and reflection, providing a different opportunity to connect with God and to each other.  It looks quite different to our Sunday morning:

  • extended periods of music-led worship (perhaps lasting up to an hour);

  • moments for quiet prayer and reflection;

  • we take time to wait expectantly for God's spirit and it's gifts;

  • encouragement to engage however is most helpful to you;

  • the church space will be used in a very different way;

  • the songs we sing will be a bit different;

  • no sermon;

  • posh refreshments!

We believe we have been made to worship Christ. We want to take space to nurture this skill/disicipline/vocation that is our privilege, joy and very purpose of existance.  

If you're interested, checkout our Without Borders Spotify playlist below, listing the songs that we are currently singing. 

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