The Book of Acts Series

2nd Jan  - 3rd April 2022

A series looking at the book of Acts. 

At the heart of Christmas

19th - 25th December 2021

A series looking at the story of the nativity. 

Called and Connected

5th September - 21st November 2021

This series looked at different aspects of our calling as Christians, and how God equips us to follow that calling. We explored our calling to creation, to each other, to poverty and those in need, to generosity, to our past and to the future. 

Meeting Jesus

1st August - 29th August 2021

This series explored different encounters with Jesus in a series of all-age worship services. 


6th June - 25th July 2021

In this series, we looked at the book of Ephesians, asking what God expects of the church as we move through the Covid pandemic and look to rebuild our community. 


2nd May - 16th May 2021

In this series, we looked at Ezra: Priorities, Partners and Penalty, as we considered how God is shaping our church today. 

Living in Lament and Victory

18th - 25th April 2021

As we being to see the end of the Covid pandemic, we consider what we need to lament from the past year, recognising God's victory over all. 

Holy Week 

29th March - 2nd April 2021

This year, instead of a Good Friday Walk of Witness and service, we embarked on a virtual walk through the events of the first Holy Week. We see that world changing week through the eyes of those who were there. In a series of seven films, Mark Pickett helps us understand what went on in the minds of some of the followers and some of the opponents of Jesus, and shows us how events which took place over 2000 years ago still have life changing relevance to us today.

The End of the Kingdom?

14th March - 11th April 2021

To draw our epic series on 'Kingdom' to a close, we explore the trial, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.