At St James, we believe the worship team is called to be:

  • A humble worshipping community

    Jesus said the greatest commandment is to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. We offer our entire lives in worship, and hope that our music on a Sunday morning simply reflects this far greater commitment.


  • A single body, made up of diverse parts.

    We find both our identity and our strength in diversity, but we work for one purpose.

  • A space to nurture God-given artistic gifts.

    Our passion and talent for music is God given. What a privilege! The bible is clear that we are tasked with investing our gifts, so that we can bless those around us and ultimately turn everything back to his praise.


We’d be delighted to hear from any member of our church community who has prayerfully considered whether they could serve in the worship team. St James recognises that joining the worship team involves taking on a role of leadership within the church community. We therefore ask members to make certain commitments before coming on board:


  • A commitment to being actively involved in the St James church community outside of the worship team.

  • A commitment to join the Sunday morning worship band approximately one in every four weeks, as well as attending the corresponding mid-week band practise.

  • A commitment to the team training events that happen roughly every other month.

  • A commitment to growing, not only as musicians/technicians, but also as worshippers and disciples of Christ.


Band practises and training events are typically held on Thursday evenings or Saturday mornings. We provide chord sheets, lead sheets and videos several days in advance of the practise to help you prepare. Practically, we would ask you to provide your own instruments and equipment (unless you are a drummer, keyboardist or vocalist) and we are roughly looking for the following musical experience:

  • Keyboard/piano players should be able to read from chord sheets, and learn simple lines by ear. Technical ability is not that important, though being able to read music is desirable.

  • Electric guitarists/Lead instrumentalists should be able to learn lines by ear and improvise/create their own lines from chord sheets. Reading music is desirable but not required. If you have done music grades, perhaps think grade 5 standard or above

  • Backing vocalists should be comfortable learning lines by ear, singing harmonies, and ideally improvising their own lines. They play a crucial role in releasing the congregation to worship independently of the leader with their own voices and bodies.

  • Drummers should be comfortable playing a variety of grooves and fills in 4/4, 6/8 and 3/4 time signatures. It is important that they can generally provide solid tempo without skipping beats. Drummers carry perhaps the largest musical responsibility in the group!

  • Bass guitarists should be able to read chord sheets and lock into simple solid grooves with the drummer. Technical ability is not important (simple grooves on root notes are fine) - timing/tempo is more important

  • Sound technicians should have a good ear for music, and a general aptitude for technology. No direct experience is required as all the necessary training is provided on-the-job.


If you are unsure whether you meet these requirements, don’t worry! We’d rather talk them over with you, than not meet you at all.


Contact Jonathan Berry to get the ball rolling with a cup of coffee and an opportunity to play some music together.


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